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What Love is I Wonder

How I have wondered many a Year
And how I still wonder
What is Love?

Love is a special and unusual feeling
I have been told.
But I’ve thought many a time
And I still think
What can be so unusual about such a feeling as love?

I have asked many years till now
And I still ask
What is being in Love like?

I have got only absurd answers to this day
And I still get absurd answers
One even said, “You have to fall in love to realise
What it is like to fall in love”

Once I said, “There can be nothing different
In this Love”
For I love my parents friends and all of mankind.
To this a lover replied “Its not the same feeling of love
That you have for others and that special person in your life
That is a special love that makes you feel great.”

I read many things about love these many years and still read
‘He is walking in air because he is in love;’
‘She is head over heels in love with him’
‘It was love at first sight’
And I have thought what does all this mean
It does not make sense to me.

Read somewhere
‘Love in the heart wasn’t put there to stay
Love isn’t love till you give it away’
And have wanted to know what so great about giving your heart away
Even felt once that this feeling is not special after all.

Have heard people talk
About their First Love; Second Love….
And I have tried to get a reply to the
Question that I have that if falling in love is so great then
How can one fall in love again and again?

When they fall in love
Why do they hide it for some time?
And then tell the world they are in love
If it’s such a great feeling as they say it is
Why not tell it the moment
They fell in love.

I have always tried to imagine
And I still try to imagine
How it will be when I fall in Love

I have always imagined and still imagine
That when I fall in love
It will be something special
And have that great unusual feeling that I have been told about

At least at that moment I have hoped and still hope
That I will understand
What love is!
And till that moment
What love is I wonder!


Published by Aditi V

Love Reading, travelling, listening to music, watching movies and spending time with Rocco

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