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Missing You

Missing you….

Missing you a lot!

Missing our talks, the laughter, the teasing

And a whole lot of other stuff that I can’t put in words.

Why am I missing you?

Why should I miss you?

These are some of the many questions

That I ask myself.

Missing you isn’t a compulsion

It’s a part of me and my everyday life.

Something that can’t be just done away with at a seconds notice.

Its, so nice to sit back and think of all the times we’ve spent together.

The jokes, secrets and the laughter we’ve shared.

We are no longer the mere acquaintances we used to be.

It was just an acquaintance at first.

Then it was friendship and then it has

Gone on to a level where am missing you.

Thinking of you when I don’t have anything much to do.

This is almost all the time at the present.

There isn’t anything to keep my mind occupied at the moment.

I read, I listen to music or I watch the television

But, for how long will I do all that.

So once am fed up with all these

And when I can’t find something fruitful to do

I start thinking of you

This seems the most fruitful thing at the moment

To tell you truthfully.

Missing you hurts deep inside.

Yet, it makes me realise how close I’m to you.

So my missing you will continue till am with you again.

Till then all I can say is

I miss you!


Published by Aditi V

Love Reading, travelling, listening to music, watching movies and spending time with Rocco

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