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What Love Is

I remember asking once a long while back
What love is I wonder.
I can say now, I know or rather I feel what love is.
It happened unexpectedly and with no prior warning
Many will ask “How can you think love will happen with a warning?”
That is true. It does happen unexpectedly but all am trying to say is
“I didn’t expect it to happen the way it did and nor was I even thinking of it.”
But it did happen and am happy it did.

It wasn’t love at first sight!
Will anyone believe that I’m yet to meet you in person
And the only memory I’ve is the one of meeting you when I was in my teens.
Am surprised at all the things that changed in the short span of time.
I never thought in the beginning of our conversations that the mere talking
Would at some point take a new turn.
But, it did.
Aren’t I happy about it.

It took a turn and what a wonderful turn that was.
The relationship I thought we had, had changed suddenly
And so did the feeling, which I had towards you.
One fine moment I felt a new feeling that I had never felt before for anyone.
It took a while for me to realise what it was.
But, I did.

Deep inside I realised that my feelings towards you had changed forever.
For it had changed into something that couldn’t be altered
At the drop of a hat, or in a mere argument
For where I felt regard for you
I felt a different kind of feeling that I had felt for no one before.

Before long I realised
It’s Love.
Which meant it was
A new feeling, a relationship and a commitment for life.
Some area I had never dreamt I would venture into so soon in life.
A few years more, I thought it would take me to think of such a commitment
But, fate had other plans and out of the blue
I realised I was ready for this big commitment and this new turn in life.

What I had read so long back is true
“Love is a feeling that can only be felt and never can it be expressed in words.”
Today when people ask me to explain how it all happened.
Or at least tell them about it I just can’t do it.
As I’m out of words
Even if I try am unable to express it.
At certain times all I’m able to do is blush.
But on the whole it’s a wonderful feeling which I am thrilled and elated to feel.

When I had thought of love, the commitment, my future partner
I had only hoped for someone who would understand me and accept me for who I’m.
And today I’ve found that and more in you and am I thrilled at my luck or should
I call it fortune.
I don’t know whatever it may be am happy about it.

Whatever it is am pleased with the way it has turned out
And at this point no longer do I say
What love is I wonder.
For I know it is an unusual feeling
Something that makes the world go round even today
And many have walked and many are still to tread on this wonderful path
And feel for their someone special, what I feel for you


Published by Aditi V

Love Reading, travelling, listening to music, watching movies and spending time with Rocco

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