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No More

It seems like yesterday that you were
Leading me to kindergarten
But now you’re no more.

Seems like yesterday that you were
Agreeing to all my whims and fancies
But you’re no more.

It seems like yesterday that you were
Making me laugh at your jokes
But no more.

I still remember that even though you were a vegetarian
You cleaned fish for me as I had refused to eat without it.
But no more will I see you do things like that for me.

When others would scream at me for my mistakes
You were there to support me no matter what.
But you’re no more to support me.

But if you knew I did a wrong
You would reprimand me but never raise your voice….
No more will it happen that way.

I’ve always been told that you struggled to get milk into me.
If it weren’t for you I doubt if I did be alive today.
But apparently you’re no more.

By the time you neared your end
Our life came a full circle,
What you did for me when I was a child, I was doing for you.
Feeding you helping you to bed.
But will you ever do it for me again?
Guess no more.

You’ll never ever know what you meant to me.
Missing you loads today as I decide to pursue new goals in life.
I am sure you’re seeing what I’m doing in every moment of the day

Wishing you were here.
Love you more than you will ever know.
Wishing now that I had told you
But, now I never will be able to
As you’re no more.


Published by Aditi V

Love Reading, travelling, listening to music, watching movies and spending time with Rocco

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